Turnkey cybersecurity for MSPs with wraparound SOC monitoring

Enterprise level, AI driven, open XDR based cybersecurity platform based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Use our SOC or plug in your own.

Case Study
How inSOC helps Nostra, a leading MSP, expand its security offering

Nostra aims to increase revenues to $100million, with security services contributing significantly to that growth.

Shinka IT meets market demand with turkney SOCaaS solution

How Shinka used SOCaaS to generate more business from prospects and existing clients.

MSP Select V3
A bespoke sales and marketing program for inSOC partners

Take your sales and marketing to the next level with our personalized and collaborative toolkit for MSPs & MSSPs.

eBook XDR
Cutting through the hype: How Open XDR actually helps MSPs

Download the latest in our free eBook series, helping MSPs & MSSPs to increase revenue with security services.

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Increase your profits

Our MSP cybersecurity packages are geared towards increasing your sales and revenue

Use your SOC or ours

inSOC can act as your complete SOCaaS solution or slot into your existing security team

Ensure regional compliance

With data processors in the EU and US, we comply with GDPR and all regulation requirements

Increase your profits

Our MSP cybersecurity packages are geared towards increasing your sales and revenue

Use your SOC or ours

inSOC can act as your complete SOCaaS solution or slot into your existing security team

Ensure regional compliance

With data processors in the EU and US, we comply with GDPR and all regulation requirements

SOC as a Service for MSPs & MSSPs

inSOC provides a complete cybersecurity resale solution designed for managed service providers from the ground up. Including an enterprise-level toolset with 24/7/365 monitoring on a scalable subscription basis, easy onboarding and systems hardening in collaboration with your team, and proactive ongoing support to continuously improve the security posture of your customers.

Our expertise is rooted in the MSP and MSSP market, and our packages are focused not only on providing the tools you need to provide effective security services for customers, but on marketing and selling these solutions to grow your MSP and increase profits.

Our turnkey SOC as a Service packages include Open XDR based Intrusion Detection, weekly Vulnerability Management and ongoing reporting – with C-level overview and detailed remediation instructions for your technical team. As part of the onboarding process we harden each network to the NIST CSF and map to the CIS Critical Security Controls.

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Do you resell security? Or would you like to find out how to start?

Find out why inSOC is for you.

We deliver a complete range of SOC services and cybersecurity solutions, and we never compete with you – because we only sell to MSPs & MSSPs.

By security professionals, for security professionals.

Our MSP cybersecurity solutions

One Stop SOC

One Stop SOC

Pre-configured, AI-driven, open-XDR platform with vulnerability management built-in.

MSP Protect

MSP Protect

Protect your MSP, and your reputation. Make sure you stay one step ahead of cyber attacks.

MSP Select

Sell more security services. A complete sales and marketing program for inSOC partners.

Compare the costs of building an in-house SOC vs our SOC as a Service solution

The costs of building a Security Operations Center are often underestimated – with the right security tools, specialist staff and ongoing costs to consider. Our instant SOC Price Calculator helps you compare the investment involved in building your own SOC against using our SOCaaS solution designed for MSPs and MSSPs.

Staff augmentation for MSPs & MSSPs

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An augmented staffing solution that slots in alongside our One Stop SOC packages, allowing you to either build a complete in-house cybersecurity team, augment inSOC’s own SOC team, or add specialist cybersecurity staff to help deliver inSOC and other cybersecurity services.

What do MSPs ask us?

That’s fine. inSOC works in a number of different ways, from acting as your complete SOC solution to complementing your existing security team. We even have a cybersecurity staff augmentation partner to provide any additional resources you may need.

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Yes. We integrate with Datto Autotask, Connectwise and other major ticketing systems. When you partner with inSOC, we seamlessly plug in to your existing workflow.

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Our data processors are located in the EU and the US. This ensures that data is stored regionally to comply with both GDPR APPs and US regional regulations.

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Onboarding takes an average of 30-45 days, working with your dedicated CISSP to harden each supported environment to the NIST CSF and appropriate CIS Critical Security Controls. This process significantly reduces security risks for your customers.

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inSOC goes beyond what other vendors offer. Our reports come with a visual C-level overview plus detailed recommendations and instructions for your technical team. And we don’t simply hand it over – we work alongside you to improve the security posture score.

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Yes. We provide cloud connectors to monitor all major cloud environments including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Google Workspace and Amazon Web Services.

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Yes. We monitor front and back door access to all mainstream platforms including Datto Autotask, Connectwise and ServiceNow.

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Any more questions?

Our MSP cybersecurity specialists have all the info you need

Working to established frameworks

inSOC’s tools and processes are centered around the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and mapped to appropriate CIS Critical Security Controls and the MITRE ATT&CK® framework.

Your challenges

As an MSP business you have a great opportunity to sell cybersecurity services to your clients.This opportunity comes with a unique set of obstacles, all of which inSOC’s MSP and MSSP focused turnkey security solutions will solve.

Reputation Management

As an MSP, your reputation relies on your success in protecting customers’ networks from cyber attacks.

Sophisticated Attacks

Cyber criminals are armed with increasingly advanced weapons.
Make sure your MSP is equally armed.

Multiple Solutions

Your system may be a collection of point solutions that are costly and not as effective as an integrated system.

Regulatory Pressure

Safeguarding data and personal information is now legally binding in laws such as HIPAA, PCI/DSS, DFARS, ITAR and Cyber Essentials.

Sparse Resources

Your internal specialist resources may be limited in their capacity, expensive to recruit, manage and difficult to source when needed.

False Alerts

Security analysts can be inundated with thousands of requests a day, and sometimes miss crucial alerts or report false positives.

Unique and comprehensive threat assessment and security risk reporting

Our reporting goes beyond what other vendors offer. We provide an at-a-glance visual overview for the C-level team, detailed recommendations for technical staff, and step by step instructions based on critical risks – all based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and mapped to the relevant CIS Critical Securtity Controls. 

Secure your MSP as well as your customers

SOC as a Service

Modular, scalable, subscription-based Security Operations Center services to suit your customers’ unique requirements and budget.

Vulnerability Management

Identify, evaluate, treat and report on security vulnerabilities. Prioritize threats and minimize attacks on your customer’s systems and software.

Intrusion Detection

Monitor your customer’s network for any malicious activity, to ensure safe communication of information between organizations.

MSP Protect

Our not-for-resale MSP cybersecurity package

As a growing target for cyber criminals, and a key security service provider for a host of end-users, make sure your MSP (and your reputation) is fully protected.

Grow your MSP with inSOC

Our MSP partners using OneStop SOC and MSP Protect have reported outstanding results in lead generation, new business and customer retention


Marketing Engagement

Increased qualified leads by 451% through the use of marketing automation.


Customer Retention

MSP Select partners have seen an 18% increase in customer retention rates.


Leads Generated

Generated 67% more leads per month by using our blogging capabilities.


Sales Pipeline Visibility

MSP Select partners have seen a 44% increase in sales pipeline visibility.


More Sales

Increased cybersecurity sales revenue by an average of 47% over 12 months.


Referral Business

MSP Select partners have seen a 30% increase in referral business.


We can give you a demo of any inSOC product, and show you how to maximize your performance and profit as an MSP or MSSP.