2022 Cybersecurity Trends MSPs Should Know

2020 and 2021 had companies scrambling to implement new software and platforms in response to requirements brought on by the pandemic. The fast pace of technology adoption has created many security gaps threat actors can exploit.

In fact, cybersecurity has become the focus of many IT conversations. The high-profile breaches that plagued 2021 and the increasingly stringent data privacy regulations are forcing organizations to prioritize their information security efforts.

According to CompTIA, the top IT areas of focus in 2022 include networking, cloud computing, storage, server administration, and mobile device management. All of them involve a cybersecurity component.

What do these trends mean to MSPs and MSSPs, and how can you leverage them to grow your business in the coming year? Here are the predictions that will impact the MSP landscape in 2022.

Remote and Hybrid Workforce

While most organizations have implemented remote working solutions or introduced a hybrid work environment during the pandemic, 2022 will see many making these arrangements permanent. The use of multiple platforms and personal devices has increased the attack surface, and MSPs can take the opportunity to help their clients strengthen their defense measures for remote employees by consolidating the implementation and management of these solutions.

Cloud Security

The work-from-anywhere trend is likely to continue post pandemic, and therefore the amount of data in the cloud will grow exponentially. Increases in the use of cloud platforms will require organizations to improve their cloud security posture management (CSPM). Many organizations will shift to a cybersecurity mesh architecture, which covers identities outside the traditional security perimeter. This approach can help reduce the financial impact of security incidents by an average of 90%.

Ransomware and Supply Chain Attacks

High-profile ransomware attacks dominated the news in 2021. Supply chain breaches will continue to be the top financial threat to MSPs in 2022. Cybercriminals will target MSPs to gain access to the networks of multiple organizations all at once. As such, MSP must strengthen their defense and protect their reputations with the latest threat detection and vulnerability management technologies.

Data Privacy Laws

Modern privacy laws will cover the personal information of 75% of the world’s population by 2023. Companies must adapt their business processes and IT infrastructure to ensure compliance with data security regulations and standards. MSPs and MSSPs that have the capability to offer a Security Maturity Level Assessment and help their clients comply with various data privacy regulations will be well-positioned to attract and retain more clients.

Employee Cybersecurity Training

Human errors cause 95% of all breaches. Cybercriminals will continue to infiltrate corporate networks with social engineering techniques. More organizations recognize the value of employee cybersecurity awareness training and will expect their MSPs to provide such services. Security training for employees can be a low-hanging fruit that will generate high ROI for both MSPs and their clients.

Organizational Resilience

70% of CEOs will move from a narrow focus on cybersecurity into the concept of organizational resilience to adapt to the broader security environment. MSPs should be prepared to help their clients navigate the complex threat landscape brought about by digital transformation, for instance, by creating an inventory of cyber risks and building a resilient IT infrastructure.

Proactive Cybersecurity

Organizations realize that a defensive approach to cybersecurity is no longer enough to keep them safe. More companies will look to their MSPs to help them augment their secure perimeters with data loss prevention, identity and access management (IAM), etc. More will request services such as penetration testing to help them proactively identify vulnerabilities and strengthen their defense.

Data Storage and Security

Data analytics is changing the business landscape and will play an increasingly important role in companies’ decision-making processes. Organizations will need support to build an IT infrastructure for collecting, processing, and storing vast amounts of data from multiple sources while ensuring data governance and integrity.

Consolidation of Cybersecurity Solutions

Companies are juggling dozens of tools, and many of them aim to consolidate to fewer than 10 vendors. 30% of organizations plan to use cloud-delivered Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and Firewall As A Service (FWaaS) capabilities from the same provider by 2024. MSPs and MSSPs that offer a one-stop-shop solution will have a leg-up on their competition.

Equipment Shortages

Supply chain challenges will continue to impact hardware availability in 2022. More projects may get put on hold because of hardware shortages. For MSPs who plan to expand their cybersecurity offerings by building a SOC team, using a SOC-as-a-Service solution will make even more sense because it can help reduce cost and shorten the implementation timeline.

The Great Resignation

Cybersecurity security talents have been in short supply, and the “great resignation” in 2021 had many companies struggling to keep up with their cybersecurity initiatives and maintain their cybersecurity postures. MSPs can leverage this opportunity to offer a virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) service to help their clients address gaps in strategic and technical expertise.

2022 will see many challenges in cybersecurity, from remote working and ransomware attacks to privacy regulations and talent shortages. However, they also represent opportunities for MSPs to offer comprehensive security services to attract and retain more clients.

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