Five-Question Security Preparedness Checklist


The inSOC Security Preparedness Checklist offers five simple questions that reveal the extent of backup, communications, and best practices. If companies cannot confirm all five answers, further steps, such as a wider security assessment, are recommended.

Five-Question Security Preparedness Checklist

  • Do you have the necessary tools in place that will alert you if a cybercriminal is trying to login to your email server from an unauthorized country?
  • Do you have the necessary visibility in your organization to know where all of your most crucial data assets reside and whether those data assets are protected with encryption?
  • If you were to be breached, if you were to have malware, do you have the necessary means to recover that data to at least a reasonable state?
  • Do you have full backups, do you know all of the locations of those backups, and have you tested those backups to make sure that they are viable?
  • Are you validating the backup locations against an actual business information system map?

If your customers and prospects are struggling to answer the above questions or cannot give definitive answers then we’d recommend undertaking a full Security Maturity Level Assessment (SMLA) that will give them a clear security score from which you can take the discussion further.

inSOC can undertake an SMLA on your behalf and ultimately help you to secure your customers from cyberattack with a turnkey enterprise-grade cybersecurity solution, vulnerability management and 24/7/365 SOC.

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