Protect Clients and Generate Profits Through Security Assessments

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Given recent and massive internet security breaches, many MSPs are offering security options, with some devoting their operations exclusively to cybersecurity

For those looking to enter the security market, a Security Maturity Level Assessments for MSPs is the best way to build-in immediate profits while providing value for customers, according to inSOC COO Kristian Wright 

Protecting Clients With IT Security Assessments

A Security Maturity Level Assessment is a must for all MSP clients, because it:

  1. Reviews all IT network and employee vulnerabilities.
  2. Assigns a rating as a benchmark for improvement.
  3. Provides financial opportunity for MSP clients looking to enhance large corporate customers.
  4. Offers the best opportunity to protect against security breaches, including ransomware.
  5. Protect multiple affiliated companies from risks, including lawsuits.

So How Does it Work?

A Security Maturity Level Assessment uses gold-standard security compliance guidelines, including Center for Internet Security Top 20 Security Controls, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and other respected controls to establish system threats and vulnerabilities.

By working with a SOCaaS provider, MSPs “profit from a referral fee from the assessment and additional NRR projects such as Firewall upgrades and Server upgrades or MRR services such as SOC, SIEM and vulnerability scanning” Wright said. 

Once established, the MSP works with the customer to build out a plan, which often brings in monthly recurring revenue. 

An assessment helps MSPs begin the essential security-customer relationship recognized as value-generating by industry leaders, including CompTIA.

 “Security has emerged as a major opportunity for MSPs today, with a segment of providers choosing to devote their practices exclusively to the discipline. Still others are shoring up software-based practices around data analytics. Challenges existed as well from security threats to MSPs own ongoing concerns about commoditization and margin erosion.” 

By avoiding security offerings, MSPs are creating huge risks for more than just their clients. Wright encourages MSP leaders to recognize the protection it offers for the company’s brand and reputation. 

“Reduce the risk of a third-party auditor coming in and jeopardizing the relationship by making the MSP look bad,” Wright said.

Best Assessments Options

Working with an established SOC is the best way to protect MSP earnings and deliver expert network security, according to Wright. And it is surprisingly more affordable than training in house. 

For information on how to work with inSOC on Security Maturity Level Assessments, contact us.