The 9 Benefits of SOC as a Service for MSPs

For most MSPs, offering security services is essential for staying relevant and competitive. As such, you need a Security Operations Center (SOC) to provide round-the-clock monitoring and immediate incident response. However, setting up an in-house SOC takes time, money, and resources. The good news is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

A SOC as a Service provider gives you access to all the expertise, technology, and best practices you need to start a SOC operation from scratch or augment your existing SOC capabilities to meet evolving needs. Wondering if it’s the right choice for you? Let’s look at the benefits of SOCaaS for MSPs and MSSPs.

What is SOC as a Service for MSPs?

A SOC as a Service vendor provides MSPs with comprehensive SOC functions, including cybersecurity monitoring, threat detection, incident response, vulnerability management, risk assessment, reporting, and ongoing security management. You can access the tools, technology, and services remotely for a fixed monthly fee.


SOCaaS involves the outsourcing of security operations center functions to a third-party vendor. Meanwhile, a managed security service provider (MSSP) delivers security services to individual customers. An MSSP may use a SOCaaS provider to help run their SOC or augment their SOC capabilities.


Managed Detection and Response (MDR) focuses on proactive threat detection and rapid incident response. SOCaaS goes beyond detection and response and includes ongoing monitoring, incident management, threat hunting, and security infrastructure management. A comprehensive SOCaaS vendor often covers MDR functions.

9 Benefits for MSPs using SOCaaS

Incorporating security services into your MSP offerings is table stakes. Here’s how a SOC-as-a-Service provider can help you get ahead:

1. Expand your security offerings

As cybersecurity becomes a major concern, organizations seek MSPs that can address their security requirements alongside traditional IT needs. Using SOCaaS, you can offer comprehensive security solutions to meet customer demands, attract more business, and grow your revenue without high upfront costs.

2. Shorten time to market

Building an in-house SOC is expensive and time-consuming — you need to purchase the technologies, implement the processes, and hire the right talents. A SOCaaS provider offers a plug-and-play solution to help you start offering comprehensive security services and generating revenue in just a few months.

3. Lower upfront and operating costs

A managed SOC as a Service solution gives you access to all the necessary technology plus the security professionals to run your security operations. You don’t have to invest in hiring and managing a large team or shoulder the costs of purchasing multiple software licenses to cover all the bases.

4. Implement proactive risk mitigation

A SOCaaS company helps you implement proactive measures and policies to protect your clients from attacks. For example, vulnerability management and risk assessments give you insights and recommendations to improve a client’s security posture and stay ahead of cyber threats.

5. Maintain regulatory compliance

As governments enforce increasingly stringent data privacy regulations, companies rely on their MSPs to help them stay compliant. But keeping up with all the fast-changing laws can strain your resources. A SOCaaS provider takes this off your plate and ensures your security offerings meet the standards.

6. Improve risk management

Managing and protecting multiple client infrastructures is complex. A SOCaaS company offers the tools you need to gain complete visibility into network activities and quickly identify vulnerabilities. Additionally, when you partner with inSOC, our experts will help you prioritize these risks and provide detailed guidance to address them effectively.

7. Access the latest technology

Cybersecurity has become more complex and specialized, and it’s not easy for individual MSPs to invest in the latest tools to stay ahead of the game. A SOC as a Service provider spreads the infrastructure and operational costs across multiple customers, allowing you to access advanced tools at a fraction of the cost.

8. Gain customer trust

A reputable enterprise SOC as a Service provider like inSOC offers comprehensive reporting capabilities to help you improve client communication and nurture trust. By demonstrating the value you deliver (e.g. tracking the improvement in a client’s security posture), you build a solid foundation for profitable long-term client relationships.

9. Protect your reputation

A successful cyberattack may cost you a client — but that’s just the beginning. The news of the incident could also impact your reputation and ability to win new business. A SOCaaS provider helps you cover all the bases to minimize the impact of an attack on you and your clients.

Augment your MSP security services with a leading SOC as a Service vendor

To maximize the benefits of SOCaaS, you should partner with a provider who can adapt to your existing workflows and operations. For example, inSOC works with MSPs in different ways to help them incorporate SOC capabilities into their business models:

  •  We provide a complete SOCaaS solution: You don’t need any in-house security staff. We’ll monitor and review all security alerts and send detailed remediation instructions to your IT team.
  • We plug into your in-house SOC team: If you already have in-house security staff or an existing SOC, we can quickly integrate our experts into your structure to act as an extension of your team.
  • We augment your security team: Besides integrating with your existing security-trained IT staff or SOC team, we can provide access to remote security staff to help you address skill gaps.

We understand MSPs’ workflows and processes and can collaborate with your team to support your tech stack. For example, we integrate with Datto Autotask, Connectwise, and other major ticketing systems to make onboarding as easy as possible. We can also connect with and monitor all your major cloud environments so you can manage everything in one place.

Ready to take advantage of SOCaaS? Learn more about our turnkey solution, and contact us to get started.

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