Cloud Security Monitoring for MSPs & MSSPs

An essential complimentary service to your cloud security offering


Software as a Service. Centrally hosted software that is licensed on a subscription basis (e.g. Microsoft Office 365).


Infrastructure as a Service. Essential compute, storage and networking resources on demand (e.g. AWS).


Platform as a Service. Hardware or software tools that are delivered over the Internet (e.g. Google Workspace).

What is Cloud Security?

Cloud security, also known as cloud computing security, refers to a set of security measures designed to safeguard cloud based infrastructure, applications and data. Cloud security is used to protect a company’s data in cloud environments from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, malware, hackers, and unauthorised user access or use.

As more and more organizations adopt cloud based IT solutions such as Saas / IaaS / PaaS applications, they must give equal importance to cloud security as to their in-house IT systems, networks and staff awareness training. Effective cloud security is critical to continuing to operate in a data secure environment, so MSPs and MSSPs must ensure they are providing a complete and effective cloud security stack to their customers.


Microsoft 365

Monitor and protect against ransomware, phishing and spam.

Amazon Web Services

Detect suspicious activity across accounts and services.


Google Workspace

Avoid account breaches, data leaks and password cracking.

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Cloud Security Monitoring

As a crucial part of your customer’s cloud security stack, we monitor front and back door access to cloud based applications on behalf of your MSP/MSSP via Single Sign On (SSO) including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Workspace and PSA software such as Datto Autotask and Connectwise Manage.

We use cloud connectors to collect, aggregate and parse data from Saas / Iaas / PaaS apps which will detect any type of breach or potentially malicious activity, including unauthorised access or suspicious login attempts (e.g. identical login credentials used in multiple countries within a short space of time).

Monitoring and protecting your customers’ cloud IT ecosystem via inSOC will give you greater control over potential breaches, and save them money while increasing your profit margins. Our SOC as a Service (SOCaaS) solution is scalable as required and includes Vulnerability Management as standard.

SOC as a Service

Ideal for MSPs/MSSPs, our SOCaaS solution is an efficient and scalable alternative to having your own Security Operations Center. Incorporating cloud security monitoring – specialising in Microsoft 365 / Microsoft Azure / AWS / Google Workspace – this is an ideal solution for an MSP or MSSP who requires a subscription-based solution.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability scanning is carried out on your chosen web domains to continuously identify and assess security risks your customers may be vulnerable to. A weekly report detailing all vulnerabilities will be produced, enabling you to continuously monitor and remediate security risks and compliance issues, including PCI DSS.

PSA Monitoring

Professional Services Automation (PSA) technology allows organizations to automate repetitive tasks such as time tracking, contracts, project management, invoicing and billing.

Many PSA solutions are being offered on a SaaS basis, and therefore cloud security applies to these tools. inSOC can offer Connectwise Manage and Datto Autotask security monitoring, alongside other PSA and SaaS integrations via Single Sign On (SSO).

Our Integrations


Monitor users across all apps and systems to detect potential data risks and threats.


Access all cloud telemetry, regardless of whether you have a multi or hybrid cloud setup.


Get visibility into key SaaS applications where your most critical information is stored.

N-able TAP

inSOC is a trusted vendor of the N‑able Technology Alliance Program (TAP). As ‘a growing ecosystem built for MSPs’ the program works with respected partners to offer third-party integrations and services that solve your customers’ IT challenges.


Security Vulnerability Solutions

One Stop SOC

One Stop SOC

Pre-configured, AI-driven, open-XDR platform with vulnerability management built-in.

MSP Protect

MSP Protect

Protect your MSP, and your reputation. Make sure you stay one step ahead of cyber attacks.

MSP Select

Sell more security services. A complete sales and marketing program for inSOC partners.