Shinka IT meets market demand with turnkey SOCaaS solution

CEO – Steve Pezzani

Shinka IT is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) located in Liège, Belgium. Although it has a team of certified experts in network infrastructure, cybersecurity, and incident response, it still faced challenges when it came time to add a Security Operations Center (SOC) function to support its offerings.

This case study reviews how Shinka leverages inSOC’s SOC as a Service (SOCaaS) solution to expand its security services and shorten time-to-market to generate more business from prospects and existing clients.

Meeting market demand for comprehensive security services

With expertise in networking and security, Shinka IT recognizes that every organization is a potential target of cyberattacks. Meanwhile, the growing cybersecurity awareness has led more customers to request security services.

Shinka wanted to expand its security offerings to meet market demand. However, building an in-house SOC is costly, labor-intensive, and time-consuming. For example, it would need to set up a dedicated physical facility, hire a team of cybersecurity analysts, and invest in constant monitoring.

It sought a SOCaaS provider to extend its team with expert analysts and access to the latest tools — including AI and ML technologies. Additionally, it wanted a partner that aligns with its company values, and attention to customer service to ensure seamless collaboration.

R&D System Engineer – Gauthier Marting

We can access the built-in next-gen SIEM and vulnerability management capabilities with a flat monthly subscription fee. In particular, the vulnerability management services help us stand out because many competitors don't include it as part of their standard packages.
inSOC's Open XDR platform integrates with everything our clients already use, such as EDR software. It can ingest data from multiple sources within a client's existing infrastructure to allow for fast and seamless implementation. The solution complements the infrastructure support and monitoring services we offer.

SOCaaS by inSOC: The Obvious Choice

Shinka’s R&D department, responsible for finding the highest-quality solution to deliver the best results for its customers, started evaluating options for SOCaaS providers for MSPs in early 2022. The team came across inSOC and was intrigued by the fixed-cost access to an enterprise-grade Open XDR solution because it would allow them to integrate existing systems seamlessly into the security stack.

They also found our integrated vulnerability management solution, MSP-friendly reporting, and 24/7/365 SOC monitoring highly valuable. Our unique onboarding process would help them cover all the bases while minimizing implementation time for setting up a fully operational SOC.

Moreover, inSOC’s scalable solution can support companies from 50 to thousands of employees at the enterprise level, covering all of Shinka’s needs. The affordable licensing fee means the MSP can expand its offering while staying profitable from day one.

A partnership beyond security technology

Shinka realized the best way to sell a service is to use it internally. It implemented the solution quickly thanks to inSOC’s partner documentation and ready-to-use integration guide. It also created a comprehensive presentation to introduce the service to its customers and prospects, using inSOC’s demo platform to show the Stellar Cyber Instance in action.

Our certified information systems security professional (CISSP) supported Shinka with backend integration and log ingestion to ensure data from different sources aligns with each vendor and product use case. Meanwhile, the comprehensive onboarding process quickly demonstrated to Shinka’s customers how the MSP brings value to the table.

The Shinka team was impressed by how easy it is to understand our alert and incident reports. They found the threat assessment reporting and recurring meetings with their dedicated CISSP very effective in helping them improve their customers’ cybersecurity postures. Also, our ongoing sales enablement support helps position their offerings strategically to win more deals.

The inSOC approach and capabilities deliver a fast and flexible onboarding experience. Our team can help our customers discover issues and improve their security posture just a few days after starting the subscription."

Comprehensive security services that win business

inSOC’s Rapid7 vulnerability management system allows Shinka to develop a comprehensive overview of its customers’ internal and external attack surface. With a thorough understanding of their high-risk assets and business requirements, Shinka can proactively patch vulnerabilities or take the appropriate corrective actions while balancing risk mitigation and operational continuity during incident response.

The advanced onboarding — based on the NIST Framework and CIS Controls and led by inSOC’s dedicated CISSP team — laid a solid foundation. The fine tuning and hardening process minimizes false positives and alarm fatigue so Shinka’s team can focus on critical security alerts and provide timely remediation.

The weekly and monthly security reviews with inSOC’s CISSP help Shinka validate and understand changes within its customers’ infrastructure. Meanwhile, the prevention-focused approach enables Shinka to set up projects with customers and demonstrate how it helps them improve their security postures to sell its offerings.

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