How Supersecure Met the Demands of a Fast Growing Security Market with inSOC

Jamal Nasir Khan

Supersecure is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) founded in 2018 as a subsidiary of SuperNet Limited, which has been providing connectivity solutions to businesses in Pakistan and internationally for over 25 years.

As the pace of digitalisation picked up in Pakistan and more people began transacting online, data breaches became more common. Yet, many companies didn’t have the resources or know-how to assemble in-house cybersecurity teams.

Supersecure was founded to address the growing demand for IT security by businesses and governments, and is poised to accelerate the country’s cybersecurity practices.

The MSSP serves many clients from almost every sector, providing cybersecurity solutions, managed firewall services, managed SOC and SIEM services, SOAR and more.

Its Security-as-a-Service subscription model delivers cost-effective solutions, including advanced threat detection and critical asset protection, compliance and cybersecurity risk management, and security operations services, to businesses of various sizes and in different sectors.


Meeting the Demand of a Fast-Growing Market

The MSSP market in Pakistan was in its infancy when Supersecure was founded. There was a lot of momentum and opportunities for growth within the country and in the region (e.g., Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and the UAE.)

Market demands accelerated when the Pakistani government approved the first national cybersecurity policy in July 2021 and mandated all sector regulators to enforce data protection and cybersecurity policies. Every sector, including utility, industrial, healthcare, e-commerce, and banking, had to secure its data and networks.

Meanwhile, an increasing number of data breaches were happening, and making the news. Businesses are increasingly becoming aware of the financial and reputational impact a data breach has on their companies, and as they become digitalised and automated, they’ll experience more vulnerabilities — unless they can constantly monitor their data and assets.

Supersecure needed a turnkey SOC solution that would allow it to scale up quickly and cost-efficiently, to capture new opportunities and expand its market share. It had explored working with various master MSSPs in the past but needed a comprehensive end-to-end solution that would go beyond a SIEM tool.


Implement + Integrate = Immediate Results

Engaging inSOC’s SOC-as-a-Service solution enabled Supersecure to launch service packages at various price points to meet its customers’ needs.

The centralized dashboard and single pane of glass view gave Supersecure’s team a bird’s-eye view of its clients’ attack surface. The implementation framework, which is based on controls established by the Center for Internet Security (CIS), helps streamline client onboarding.

Most importantly, inSOC’s customer-centric, service-oriented approach meant that Supersecure could be confident in receiving the necessary support to deliver the best services to its clients.

"[The team at inSOC] is very customer-focused. It's not that bureaucratic approach we saw in our previous master MSSP... I see a lot of growth potential in our business relationship and revenue."

~ Jamal Nasir Khan, CEO of Supersecure.

Customers are very pleased with the solutions — particularly the high-touch, client-centric approach. With inSOC’s support, Supersecure is able to offer a service-based model that provides not only SOC services but also remediation solutions.

inSOC also provides responsive account management and technical support to help Supersecure drive sales and establish its leadership positioning in a fast-growing market.

Supersecure’s partnership with inSOC has enabled the business to enhance its already comprehensive cybersecurity offering, delivering an unparalleled suite of cybersecurity services that strengthens its customers’ defence, increases customer satisfaction and ensures that they continue stand out in the competitive MSSP marketplace.

As businesses recognize the complexity of the modern threat landscape and the devastating impact of a data breach, the demand for security services will continue to grow. 

Organisations are already changing their mindset from seeing cybersecurity as a cost to an investment in building their brand reputation, reinforcing customer trust, and avoiding hefty legal fees and penalties.  

Moving forward, Supersecure will continue its partnership with inSOC to expand its service packages, so it can cater to more customers with different budgets and grow its client base internationally.

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