SOC as a Service

An efficient and  scalable alternative to having your own Security Operations Centre


All the benefits of a Security Operations Center - without all the associated costs and ongoing management

For MSPs & MSSPs

Resell security services to your customers - with a range of packages to suit their needs and budget

Quick deployment

Our expert team will guide you through the set-up process so you can begin reselling security as soon as possible

What is SOC as a Service?

Designed specifically for MSPs and MSSPs

SOC as a Service (SOCaaS) is an efficient, affordable and easy to onboard solution to having your own Security Operations Centre (SOC). It’s subscription based SOC for MSP and MSSP, and it encompasses all the security services you need – including cloud or agent based SIEM, vulnerability management, intrusion detection, incident response – with none of the hardware or staff costs associated with a SOC.

Designed specifically for resellers, our managed SOC as a Service solutions are available in various packages that suit your particular requirements and can be scaled as your MSP/MSSP grows. inSOC offers 24/7/365 SOC monitoring, and our packages are based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and mapped to the appropriate CIS Critical Security Controls.

Fast to deploy, profitable to resell, and requiring no additional cybersecurity expertise – our SOCaaS products are the perfect solution.

Where does inSOC process data?

For customers in the UK, EU and anywhere outside of North America, we have our Data Processor in Paris, France. For customers within North America we have our US Data Processor in Dallas, Texas.

The benefits of a managed SOC solution

SOC as a Service allows an organisation to delegate security responsibility to a team of experts. This type of managed SOC as a Service offers many advantages over an in-house solution, including:

Improved Security Staffing
Many companies are struggling to attract and retain experienced security workers due to the current cybersecurity skills shortage. A business can supplement and address skills gaps in its existing security staff by partnering with a managed SOC provider.
Specialized Security Expertise

Specialised security resources, such as incident responders, malware analysts, and cloud security architects, are frequently required by organizations. These skill sets can be hard to come by and much harder to retain in-house. A SOCaaS provider offers access to cybersecurity specialists 24/7/365.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

It can be costly to deploy, manage, and operate a comprehensive SOC in-house. With managed SOC, organisations can split the cost of equipment, licences, and payroll with the rest of their provider’s clients, which reduces both capital and operational expenditures.

Increased Security Maturity

It takes time to develop the solutions and institutional expertise necessary for a mature cybersecurity program. By giving a company access to their SOCaaS provider’s current solution stack and security specialists, this process can be significantly accelerated.

Up-to-Date Security

With a limited IT and security budget, keeping up with the latest SOC tools and capabilities can be a challenge for many organizations. A managed SOC has the resources to keep its toolset current and provide customers with the benefits of cutting-edge security.

Easy To Resell

Because all of our cybersecurity services are designed with MSPs and MSSPs in mind, we’ve packaged up a range of ready made SOCaaS solutions to offer your customers that can be scaled up as and when required. Our turnkey model is fast to deploy and profitable to resell.

SIEM as a Service

Looking for a SIEM-only solution?

SIEM as a service offers a single solution for automating your security log information and threat detection using real-time correlation and data log analysis technologies. 

Available via our One Stop SOC Essential package (alerts only) and Power package (inclusive of SOC).

SOC as a Service Solutions

One Stop SOC

One Stop SOC

Pre-configured, AI-driven, open XDR platform with vulnerability management built-in.

MSSP Accelerator

MSSP Acclerator

A two-stage programme to begin or boost your cyber security offering and take it to market

MSP Protect

MSP Protect

Protect your MSP, and your reputation. Make sure you stay one step ahead of cyber attacks.