SOC as a Service Pricing

Our instant SOC Price Calculator can help give you an overview of the potential annual costs of the security tools, specialist staff and operating costs based on the number of devices monitored.

It also shows the annual costs for an equivalent SOC as a Service solution provided by inSOC.*


A faster, easier alternative to hiring your own in-house SOC team, with easy onboarding and dedicated account team.


Make cost saving across the board - from recruitment and office space to salaries and specialist training.


Scalable packages tailored to your individual needs, whatever the size of your MSP or MSSP - we will help you grow.

Security Operations Center Price Calculator

Compare the cost of building an in-house SOC vs our SOCaaS solution

How many devices do you have?


An example of a device is a server, firewall or switch and is inclusive of cloud services, applications or any other asset being monitored by the Security Operations Center.

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Typical annual costs

Security tools

Endpoint Protection / Endpoint Detection & Response Platform

Network & perimeter security

Next Gen Open-XDR SIEM (including Cloud & Log Monitoring)

Open-XDR (Extended detection & response) platform

Annual totals


Full Time InfoSec Employee Compensation


Operating & Infrastructure Costs

Deployment, Management & Maintenance


Total In-house Annual SOC Cost


Equivalent inSOC Annual Cost

* $101,400
*The calculated cost is an estimate based on typical service options for the number of devices selected. inSOC pricing is per site. Actual cost is dependent on a number of factors including number of sites, devices per site and package chosen.

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Need a Security Operations Center? You have two options…

Build a SOC or invest in SOCaaS

As cyberattacks happen more and more often, organizations are realising the importance of having SOC capabilities available 24/7/365. The process of building a Security Operations Center in-house means taking into account all of the security tools, personnel, and operational costs required to do so effectively.

With a huge range of security tools and solutions available, this can be a confusing landscape to navigate. In addition, the cost of establishing and maintaining an internal SOC is frequently underestimated. When weighing up your options, you should consider both the initial cost and the ongoing investment.

How is inSOC different?

Unlike other vendors who provide a one size fits all service, inSOC delivers a bespoke partner experience that supports your MSP/MSSP on a one-on-one basis.

Our unique CISSP-led onboarding guides you through the process of hardening your customers’ environments – based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and mapped to the relevant CIS Critial Security Controls – followed by 24/7/365 monitoring, investigation and remediation support.

Your monthly threat assessment report includes a high level overview of key issues, plus a comprehensive list of the most critical actions for your technical team to work through in collaboration with a dedicated account manager and specialist SOC team.

Unique and comprehensive threat assessment and security risk reporting

Our reporting goes beyond what other vendors offer. We provide an at-a-glance visual overview for the C-level team, detailed recommendations for technical staff, and step by step instructions based on critical risks – all based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and mapped to the relevant CIS Critical Security Controls. 

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