MSSP Accelerator

Become a cybersecurity market leader

A two-stage program to begin or boost your cybersecurity offering, take it to market and progress to industry-recognized certification that will set your MSSP apart


We help you create a selection of easy to understand, simple to onboard, profitable cybersecurity packages to sell to customers


We support you in taking your packages to market, and assist with sales pipeline management to grow your customer base - fast


You can opt to achieve SSAE 19 certification to unlock new revenue streams and a higher-value customer base

Stage One: Starting an MSSP

MSSP Accelerator Essentials

You want to begin – or expand – your cybersecurity offering, but where to start? Whether you’re already selling security services, just getting started with your security practice, or your cybersecurity business is simply an idea at this stage – we know how to get you onto the right track.

MSSP Accelerator Essentials is an MSP-focused, self-paced program that guides you through the setting up of a security practice and helps you set up your go-to-market strategy. We introduce you to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework & CIS Critical Security Controls, help you price and package your resale offering, and share expert knowledge to develop your marketing strategy and sales pipeline management.

We cover all the questions you may be asking about MSSP best practices, resources and marketing – or that you didn’t know you should be.


How much will the required investment be?


Do you have the appropriate resources in place?

Which security services should you be offering?

Are you sure that these are the services your clients need?

What are your clients and prospects prepared to pay?


How do I begin selling my services to clients?

The solution

At the end of the self-led program you’ll have a clear idea of which security services are profitable to offer your clients, how to successfully onboard and deliver operationally, and have a go-to-market strategy in place.

The program covers:

Targeting and closing sweet spot prospects and handling common objections

Introduction to the framework that will form the basis of your approach (NIST CSF / CIS 20)

Packaging and pricing your security offering in an easy to understand way for your clients

Create a go-to-market strategy and/or assessment of your existing cybersecurity practice

 Create and execute a best-in-class onboarding process, and understand deployment and threat response essentials

Ongoing sales enablement and pipeline assistance working with your internal sales resources

How Does MSSP Accelerator Essentials Work?

How long does it last?
The MSSP Accelerator Essentials program is a self-paced process designed to kick start your security practice, with ongoing sales and operations support.
How is it run?
A modular training program that you work through at your own pace. Subsequent sales enablement will be delivered on a one-to-one basis via weekly remote meetings.
Who can attend?
MSSP Accelerator Essentials will be relevant to MSPs not currently offering cybersecurity, as we can help you to create a go-to-market strategy as well as to MSPs who already have cybersecurity services as we can work with you to optimise them.
Are there any prerequisites for attendees?
No – you just need to be already delivering or planning to deliver cybersecurity services.

Stage Two: Become SSAE 19 Certified

MSSP Accelerator Advanced

After fast-tracking your cybersecurity offering and unlocking the potential revenue streams in this market, the next stage in becoming a market leader is MSSP Accelerator Advanced. This is a CISSP-led program – typically lasting min. 12 months – which leads to SSAE 19 certification and enables you to establish your practice as a leader in the field.

Becoming SSAE 19 certified will give you the edge over competitors. Some of the benefits include:

Gain higher-value, higher-profile, more profitable customers


Demonstrate your expertise with a globally recognised seal of approval


Win customers from competitors who have yet to begin SSAE 19 certification

Submit tenders to prospects from previously unattainable regulated industries

Why sign up?

MSP Protect package included

Includes MSP Protect NFR plus hardening to the CIS Top 20 Critical Security Controls.

Implement a proven security framework

Meet compliance and regulatory requirements, including HIPAA, PCI/DSS, DFARS, ITAR, FISMA and Cyber Essentials

Package & price security services effectively

Create security packages that are easy to understand and sell profitably

Overcome sales objections

Acquire techniques to overcome common objections and ensure they don't become sales blockers

Start selling with confidence

Be assured you have the right strategy, know-how and tools to start your MSSP

Create a best-in-class onboarding process

Learn how to create a repeatable, scalable onboarding process that ensures your clients are onboarded quickly and efficiently

Effective deployment & incident management

Deploy sensors, agents and vulnerability management seamlessly. Understand how to manage SIEM alert and incident response effectively

Sales enablement and support

We'll assist with ongoing sales enablement and help you to manage and close deals

Kickstart your security practice

This is a faster, more effective approach to kickstarting your security practice than trying to figure it out in-house

Become a market leader

Optionally achieve SSAE 19 certification and set yourself apart from competitors

MSP Protect package included

MSP Accelerator includes MSP Protect, a not-for-resale package designed to ensure that MSPs are fully protected themselves before going on to sell cybersecurity services.

24/7/365 SOC threat, event and incident alerting

24/7/365 SOC analysis assistance and escalations

Vulnerability scanning and reporting

Asset inventory monitoring

Take your MSP to the next level

Start your MSSP, grow your cybersecurity offering, and become a certified market leader