The inSOC Stellar Cyber Partnership

Our AI-driven Open XDR detection and response solution for MSPs

Improved alerting

Focus on critical alerts, not investigating white noise.

Increased security

Identify threats early and solve them before they become a problem.

Reduced costs

Optimize your security stack and improve your team’s efficiency.

What is Open XDR?

A unified, AI-powered method of detection and response

Open XDR aims to streamline and unify the entirety of the security infrastructure, leading to a significant enhancement in threat detection and response.

Within any organization, the security stack encompasses various capabilities such as SIEM, EDR, NDR and SOAR. These capabilities were initially developed independently, and not designed to integrate with each other.

Open XDR addresses this issue by consolidating all capabilities, aggregating alerts from individual tools into comprehensive incidents, and streamlining operations through a reduction in administrative burdens. AI and automation are key elements, being the most viable means of efficiently safeguarding the complete attack surface.

The ultimate goal of Open XDR is to protect environments from threats through a unified platform, and enhance detection and response capabilities, accessible at a price point that is viable for all.



Open XDR unifies your security stack for better, faster performance from your team and enhanced security for your customers.


Open XDR leverages existing security tools such as EDR, NDR and SOAR, for versatile implementation and quick results.


inSOC enables MSPs to leverage both the benefits of Open XDR and Vulnerability Management at an accessible price point.

Unique and comprehensive threat assessment and security risk reporting

Our reporting goes beyond what other vendors offer. We provide an at-a-glance visual overview of the C-level team, detailed recommendations for technical staff, and step by step instructions based on critical risks – all based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and mapped to the relevant CIS Ciritical security Controls.

Our leading SOCaaS solutions for MSPs and MSSPs

One Stop SOC

One Stop SOC

Pre-configured, AI-driven, open-XDR platform with vulnerability management built-in.

MSP Protect

MSP Protect

Protect your MSP, and your reputation. Make sure you stay one step ahead of cyber attacks.

MSP Select

Sell more security services. A complete sales and marketing program for inSOC partners.

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