Vulnerability Management

Identify, assess, treat and report on critical security vulnerabilities

Attack prevention

Scan, prioritize and remediate potential vulnerabilities in your clients’ systems to minimize attacks

For MSPs & MSSPs

Resell security services to your customers - with a range of packages to suit their needs

Quick deployment

Our expert team will guide you through the set-up process so you can begin reselling security ASAP

What is Vulnerability Management?

Continuously identify and assess security risks for your clients

Responding to a cyber attack is sometimes necessary as a security provider, but it is possible to reduce or eradicate these attacks by identifying weaknesses in your clients’ systems and minimizing the “attack surface”.

The vulnerability management process involves scanning a network with the aim of identifying, assessing, treating and reporting on any security vulnerabilities, in order to develop the processes and implement the tools to regularly identify and remediate the most critical and high-risk vulnerabilities.

It’s an essential preventative measure that can save considerable time and cost further down the line. Properly implemented and managed, real issues can be pinpointed among false positives, and investigation into the level of risk, it’s potential business impact, and the correct security controls to resolve the vulnerability can be efficiently carried out.

inSOC offers a complete vulnerability management service for MSPs/MSSPs to resell to customers, with white label reporting and weekly scans.

Unique and comprehensive threat assessment and security risk reporting

Our reporting goes beyond what other vendors offer. We provide an at-a-glance visual overview for the C-level team and detailed actions for technical staff, including a Top 10 Vulnerabilities report each month. This comes with a security score and step by step instructions to remediate critical risks, which we proactively help you work through. All recommendations are based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and mapped to the relevant CIS Critical Security Controls.

Security Vulnerability Solutions

One Stop SOC

One Stop SOC

Pre-configured, AI-driven, open-XDR platform with vulnerability management built-in.

MSP Protect

MSP Protect

Protect your MSP, and your reputation. Make sure you stay one step ahead of cyber attacks.

MSP Select

Sell more security services. A complete sales and marketing program for inSOC partners.